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Cook Islands

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Te Tiare Association

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The Te Tiare Association (TTA) is the LGBTQ+ advocacy organisation in the Cook Islands. It works to celebrate the country's Akava'ine, Akatututane and LGBTQI communities.

The Te Tiare Association Inc. (TTA) was formally incorporated on 30 November, 2007 at the Rarotonga High Court. It is an organisation established to bring together Akava'ine in the Cook Islands for education and advocacy purposes. On 21 June, 2008 the Te Tiare Association was officially launched as part of a partnership with the Pacific Islands Aids Foundation. It is the only LGBTQ+ advisory group in the Cook Islands.

From its inception the TTA has promoted sexual health awareness, the prevention of sexually transmitted infections and the prevention of HIV. Community building has also been an important aspect of its purpose, since some members of its communities are estranged from their families due to their identities and sexualities.

The TTA campaigns for the repeal of discriminatory laws in the Cook Islands which make homosexuality illegal. In order to counter the current legal situation the TTA is using Section 64 of the Cook Islands Constitution, which protects people from discrimination. The campaign organised by the TTA has become known as the Pride Campaign.

Activist Sonya Apa Temata organised a petition in 2020, which gathered over 5000 signatures of people for were in favour of a repeal of the laws against homosexuality.

Pride Cook Islands

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Pride Cook Island is a public campaign supporting efforts to decriminalise same-sex relations in the Cook Islands and raise awareness of the LGBTQI+ community.

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