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Boutokaan Inaomataia ao Mauriia Binabinaine Association (BIMBA), is an organization empowering LGBTQI people via advocacy, awareness and action in Kiribati.

BIMBA Inc. was officially established in 2016 and was founded by Binabinaine (gay men, bisexual men, and transwomen) for support of human rights and health/wellbeing of the Binabinaine.

Since establishment, it has been able to develop professional networks in the country (Ministry of Health and Medical Services, Ministry of Justice, Kiribati Family Health Association and others), Pacific Region (Pacific Sexual and Gender Diversity Network) and the international LGBTQI community (ILGA, Youth Voices Count and The Commonwealth Equality Network).

BIMBA aims to provide an enabling environment for Binabinaine in Kiribati and its mission includes:

  • Establish local, regional and global partnerships with LGBTQI allies and partners;

  • Amplify the voices of all Binabinaine on issues around LGBTQI rights and wellbeing;

  • Advocate and educate people on LGBTQI in the Kiribati context;

  • Empower LGBTQI people in governance and leadership and

  • Eradicate discrimination, stigma, and violence that are based on sexual and gender diversity


BIMBA is expanding the boundaries of inclusion by sharing the LGBTQI+ experience in Kiribati and bringing awareness to the rights of people to feel comfortable expressing who they are.

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