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Marshall Islands

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Brighten the Rainbow

Anfernee Nenol Kaminaga, best known as Nenol, from the Marshall Islands (indigenously known as Aelōñ Kein Ad, Jolet jen Anij, and Lolelaplap) is 25-years-old and identifies as a pansexual, genderqueer male.


He co-created and led an LGBTIQ youth focused project, called “Brighten the Rainbow”, in the Marshall Islands which is known to be the first openly LGBTIQ initiative. He has been able to represent his country as a UNESCO Youth Ambassador for a UNESCO Youth Summit for Sustainability and as a youth representative of RMI (the Republic of the Marshall Islands) for the 1st UN Youth Climate Action Summit.


He has had the opportunity of creating young climate leaders while he was working with the International Organization for Migration as well as working on the ‘Do Better’ project showcasing resiliency in the eyes of the youth.

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