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Papua New Guinea


Kapul Champions

Kapul Champions (KC) is an independent organisation for men with diverse sexualities (MDS) and transgender (TG) individuals.

KC’s board is represented by TG and MDS from the various regions of Papua New Guinea, a secretariat based in Varahe Street, Gordons, National Capital District (NCD) – at the National AIDS Council office, as well as members all across the country.

KC was launched in 2012 by the PNG Minister of Health and HIV, Michael Malabag. The organization is funded by AusAID and supported by the Australian Federation of Aids Organisation, IGAT Hope Inc, UNAIDS in PNG and PNG Development Law Association.


Vision and Mission

All members, MDS and TG people in PNG enjoy their health and well-being. Mission is to to work in partnership with others to improve access to services and to help MDS and TG live free of abuse. KC runs community forum with MDS and TG in different parts of PNG to share information about HIV, the Law and our rights that comes with responsibilities.


Our Work

KC aims to represent MDS and TG in National Policy and Health discussions, with the aim to raise the voices and concerns of MDS & TG, particular in the planning and implementing of HIV services. We engage with the government and other stakeholders to promote Human Rights protection for MDS and TG and advocate for a change to the law impacting MDS.

Hetura NCD

The word Hetura is from the Hiri Motuan language in PNG, and means ‘helping each other’.

Hetura NCD (National Capital District) works in collaboration with national grass-root transgender communities, to develop and implement activities for sustainability and to reach out and grow its membership, create community empowerment to take ownership and run program activities.

The organization also works towards defending the rights transgender individuals and the LGBTQI community in PNG.


Our Challenges

There is a significant proportion of transgender people in PNG who are unemployed.

The stigma and discrimination faced by the transgender community in accessing formal job market results in many engaging in sex work to support their livelihood.

Tin PNG, both sex work and consenting sex between two adult males is criminalised, and this significantly increases the risks of violence and exposure to STIs for the transgender community.

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